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Our services, but not limited to – we also offer custom tailored work.

With the combination of public accounting, financial & strategic planning, and running a technology startup.

Custom tailored to your business needs:

We limit all expenses to $1,500/day.

Accounting, Audits and Budgeting

Understanding your numbers is fundamental to the success of
your business no matter how good your product or service is.

Accounting & Analysis

This may consist of but not limited to: bank reconciliations, cash audits, general ledger analysis, journal entries, chart of accounts, recommendations and office management.

Audits & Auditors

Assist with audits and preparation for auditors both for private and publicly traded companies. I have worked with PWC, Deloitte and Andersen Tax.    

Budgeting and Creating Financial Models

Financial forecasting, creating a business budget, compare against prior actuals and provide an analysis, reviewing all aspects of the business, including vendors.


Next level growth

If you don’t catch our attention in the first few seconds, chances are VCs may pass on your start-up, so reach out.
We limit all expenses to $1,500/day.

Business Relocation

We help companies launch into new locations. View budgets and how to raise capital. Bring in legal attorneys when necessary. Also, revisit business model, at times in comparison to competition, add additional streams of revenue.

Start-Ups and VCs

Assisting new startups with pitch preparation for investors, viewing your decks, practice pitching and additionally introducing to investors and possible investment.

Competitive Advantage

We are really good at creating a competitive advantage and differentiating your business or product. Making sure you understand your business and your competition.


New Founders and Business Owners

I have an start-up idea and/or a new product and business but no business experience.
Then spend the day with a former tech founder and get every question answered and ask for introductions.

Business Start-Up Day

What is the first thing you should do, ask every question, who could be potential investors in your start-up. We will be there with you on-site or remote.


Assisting new startups with pitch preparation for investors, not just decks, but practice pitching and additionally introducing to investors and possible investment.

Customer Acquisition

Taking client services and products into new markets, changes or repackaging to existing products or services, new revenue streams. Competitive analysis, how to differentiate, scale to reach new target sales.


So how can we help
take your business to
the next level?

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