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Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions and reach out for all of your business needs.

General enquiries

Walking in and helping struggling businesses.
That’s our secret sauce. We will operate like the show “The Profit”
Yes. We have worked with many, including PWC, E&Y, Deloitte and KPMG.
No. Our firm is more focused on execution and scaling.
We made it super simple, you’ll know our hourly and daily rate and you will provide a retainer.
Yes. If it is work we want to take on, we will be on site and/or work on anything outstanding you have via zoom. Depending on your location.
We will come to your office or work with you directly through zoom and roll up our sleeves like any other team member.
Yes. While we help you get caught up
We will help with budgeting, marketing and everything necessary to scale.
Yes. Companies we have successfully worked with.
Yes. All sizes.
See our main page.

For entrepreneurs and other partnerships:

Yes, depending on product – typically, for limited time royalty & advisory shares. Along with our consulting fee, we may make introductions to other investors. See under Investing.
Yes. See under Partnerships.
See Careers.

So how can we help
take your business to
the next level?

+1 323 691 2479.